Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery services offered in Fremont, CA

Oral surgery may seem scary, but the Mowry Dental team makes your experience as comfortable and easy as possible. The dental specialists at the Fremont, California, office, perform oral surgical procedures with the utmost care and precision. Schedule a consultation today with the experts by calling or booking online through the reservation portal.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is any surgical procedure involving the oral cavity and its structures, such as teeth, gums, and tongue. These surgeries are only performed by an expert oral surgeon with specialized training at Mowry Dental in Fremont, California. 

Are extractions and implants considered oral surgery?

The Mowry Dental team routinely performs dental extractions and implants, which are simple and effective forms of oral surgery. You might need these surgeries because of tooth loss, jaw injuries, impacted teeth, and oral cancer. 

Oral surgery is also used to correct certain genetic concerns, such as cleft palate. Oral surgery can involve minor procedures and more complex ones, depending on your specific health needs.

Why would someone require oral surgery?

Several common reasons for oral surgery include dental implants, impacted teeth, traumatic injuries, and jaw alignment concerns. Additionally, oral surgery may be necessary to remove cysts, tumors, or other growths in the mouth. 

Oral surgery may be recommended to improve the appearance of your teeth or underlying bone tissue that supports the jaw. Ultimately, the Mowry Dental experts will help guide you to the correct procedure to improve your oral health. 

What are the benefits of oral surgery?

Oral surgery can remedy the source of your pain. These surgeries also enhance your natural smile and facial structure, while restoring function to the treatment area. After oral surgery, you could see a significant improvement in your ability to chew, eat, and speak.

Oral surgery can improve your overall oral health and prevent future damage, such as gum disease or bone loss. You’ll feel confident knowing the Mowry Dental team boasts years of surgical expertise to correct any problem, and they’ll be with you every step of the way.

How long does it take to recover from oral surgery?

The recovery period following an oral surgery procedure varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. Simple procedures, such as tooth extraction, may only require a few days to a week of recovery. More complex procedures, such as jaw reconstruction, could require many months to heal fully.

Follow your specific instructions from the Mowry Dental team, such as taking medications as prescribed and limiting certain foods.

If you’re experiencing an oral health concern that could require oral surgery, call Mowry Dental today to book an appointment or go online to schedule through the self-booking tool.