Same Day Crowns

Your teeth are naturally strong, but injury or decay can weaken them and put their integrity at risk. Dental crowns are a popular option to restore strength to a natural tooth. If you’re experiencing tooth pain or decay that has compromised your oral health, a dental crown could be the proper restorative dental treatment. At Mowry Dental in Fremont, California, specialists preserve teeth with same-day crowns. Call the office or book a crown consultation online to learn more.

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a restoration used to protect a damaged tooth. It’s a cap that covers the entire visible portion of a tooth, from your gumline up. Crowns are permanently affixed to your mouth and add strength to a tooth weakened from decay or injury. 

They’re often made from a combination of metal, ceramic, or resin, depending on the individual’s need. Tooth-colored crowns in ceramic or resin are popular because they look like natural teeth.

At Mowry Dental, your crown is custom-made to fit your tooth.
The expert team is proud to offer CEREC same-day crowns so you can get your crown fitted in just one visit to the office. 

What can same day crowns fix?

Same day dental crowns treat teeth that have suffered severe damage, decay, or have large fillings in a short amount of time. You might need a crown if you have a tooth that’s cracked, decayed, or weak. The crown covers the damaged tooth to help reduce the risk of additional damage.

Crowns treat damaged teeth, but they have other benefits, too. Getting a crown may be part of another dental procedure, like a root canal or dental implants. Crowns can also support restorative dental appliances, like bridges. 

Sometimes, the team recommends a crown for cosmetic reasons, such as to improve the look of a discolored or misshapen tooth. 

What is the process of getting a same day crown?

With same-day crowns at Mowry Dental, you can get your crown in just one visit. The team begins by using a local anesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth. They remove decay, thoroughly clean the tooth, and prepare it for the crown.

Same-day crowns are custom-created in the office with a specialized milling machine.
The team takes impressions of your mouth, and the system creates a crown from ceramic or resin that perfectly fits your tooth. 

Mowry Dental fits your same-day crown over your tooth and checks your bite to ensure
it feels comfortable inside your mouth. Once your crown is in place, there’s little to no downtime. 

Don’t let decay or damage compromise your oral health. Dental crowns are a safe, popular treatment to prevent pain and deterioration. Book an appointment at Mowry Dental online or over the phone to learn more about the benefits of same day crowns today.

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